Site Monitoring

Site Monitoring Services

Have you ever come across a website that was not reachable due to server outage or error? It is not uncommon and can happen with your website too. However, if left unattended, this can cause a huge loss in traffic, thus affecting your business. This is where site monitoring services in Pune come to your rescue.
Website monitoring is all about testing and verifying that your website is accessible to users and is working perfectly fine as expected. It helps in ensuring ideal website performance, functionality, and uptime. Through this process, extensive information like server response time, page load time, etc. is analyzed to improve website performance. Site monitor also lets you benchmark your website against a competitor’s site to determine the difference in comparison, as website speed can affect your search engine ranking.
Site monitoring allows you to see if everything is running as expected and if any broken pages need to be fixed. You can use the data received from monitoring to hold your web hosting service provider accountable to their agreement, as most hosts guarantee 99.9% uptime. Many paid site monitoring services also come with security features like malware scanning and security test features.

Site Monitoring Services in Pune